I am taking a one-day off. Still feeling slightly sore from moving the other day.

I decided to settle the battery issue later in the afternoon. The trip to Low Yat was horrible. There was traffic jam all around. To make it even worse, the traffic officers blocked the entrance to Sungei Wang/ Imbi area twice! I was unfortunately misdirected to other roads and I finally went to Machines KLCC instead.

Lucky for me, Azairin walked in while I was deciding what to do next knowing that the store did not have battery in stock. He checked the health of the battery and upgraded the RAM for me. I was advised to check in just the battery, so that I could continue to use the MBP while having the battery formally assessed for replacement.

Cool. MacBook Pro 2.0.

But the traffic officers were not cool. I waited in line patiently, only to be turned away to other roads. Not fair.