Today was a little different. Wife followed me to the office and she observed a glimpse of my day-to-day dealings at work. Her first comment was, “Why are you doing plenty of non-technical works?


I have voiced this out many times upward. We need to free up the engineers for more technical productive time. Grab some technologists or some admin to help. Why do we need engineers to coordinate every single thing? A very experienced engineer colleague of mine once mentioned this:

This is not an inefficient use of engineering time. Imagine hiring a Cambridge graduate to push for some renewal of contract. We can never focus! We would have a better yield assigning the clever fellow to work on reliability issues or any other areas where hardcore technical solution is required.

To make it even worse – there was a meeting from 5 to 6. And the meeting dragged to 6.30pm. I understood why it was setup late, but we could have drawn the line somewhere – no meeting after 5. What is the hurry? Is the sky going to fall tomorrow (in terms of work)?

We finally escaped after Maghrib prayer for a dinner at Cozy Corner, Ampang Park. I ate a few times there before, it never disappoints. We tried Steak Combo (tenderloin and king prawn) and Lobster Bisque. The Soursop de Guava was especially awesome.

The rest of the family had joined dad at Royale Bintang Seremban. KNgah returned from a week-long business trip and vacation in Penang.