We visited my eldest sister KakLong at Putrajaya hospital.

The nurse failed miserably with the camera. While I was watching her bringing in my newly born niece, she said; “No photographing, OK? The signs at the front clearly shows that. You may take pictures when you bring the baby home.


1) What sign? I scanned every inch from the entrance to the ward 3 times to no avail. There’s no such sign.
2) If it’s such a problem, why didn’t the guard stop me at the counter?
3) What’s wrong with taking a picture with niece? My wife told me, in Australia, parents even brought professional photographers to take pictures of newborn.
4) Who does she think I am? A spy-competitor quietly snapping pictures of the facilities? Who is Putrajaya hospital competing with? Sg Buloh? This reminded me of a major hypermarket that once warned dad from taking pictures of adik inside the shopping area.

What’s the justification anyway? I took KakLong baby’s picture regardless. After all, KakLong and AbgLong gladly welcomed that.

Aida excited to see her new sister.

Later in the evening, Muzani treated us to Sate Hj Samuri in Bangi. It was very crowded. But the satays were delicious. They seemed to be padded with more meat than the ones I could remember.

Afterwards, Intan and I headed over to Cheras. Since mom couldn’t go back to Terengganu, we decided to accompany Pak Usu and her daughter to Kedah for UUM registration.