Kedah’s weather was quite hot. Despite full-speed fans and open windows, I sweated like it was always noon. Pheuh.

Bright, clear sky atop Kampung Kandis.

Before noon, we visited Tok Ngah in Napoh. Surprisingly I managed to recall the route to get there. And I could remember the house quite clearly from the last visit.

Pak Usu and family had gone shopping while the rest us stayed at Teh’s. I couldn’t recall lots of details but the food was awesome throughout the stay. Doesn’t that mean I adapted to Kedahan’s culinary already? Hehe. On a side note, Pak Teh had returned my ketayap that he thought was his at the conclusion of trip to Australia earlier in the month. He put it on as he returned to Malaysia and found it too big for his head. That’s true – my head is bigger than most.

After maghrib, wife and I started the journey home. The road was a little bit congested, but manageable. We reached home an hour past midnight.