The new year started with migraine. My wife had suffered this throughout the later part of the day and all night.

I personally have had migraines too. But I still don’t know how to handle it. Maybe because my migraine was either mild, or it quickly went away. I know they were migraine because I inherited it from dad whom I observed in the past suffered plenty of migraine headaches.

Mom & dad even bought this aromatherapy in a bottle branded “BEL AIR” that contained a unique scent – you can guess it -Lavender. I noticed that dad carried this bottle everywhere he went. Mom & dad claimed that the aroma worked.

So we tried that. I removed the cap, let my wife sniffed with both nostrils and I followed suit. Somehow my snoring reduced but my wife’s migraine remained.

Unfortunately for us, the bottle actually already ran out of its liquid. What’s left is the scent that stuck to the bottle.

Maybe we need a stronger dose of Bel-Air.