To make up for a late anniversary celebration, I brought my wife to the Victoria Station restaurant in Damansara. It was a difficult choice because not only the place had to be special, it had to be better than special to provide the element of “making it up”. I couldn’t recall the setup of the place from the last time I ate at Victoria Station, but I decided to go with it after browsing the menu and reviewing a blog about a dinner there. If it didn’t turn out right, I could only make it up next year.

As we reached the restaurant, I immediately requested a table for two inside the “coach”.

Lovely couple, no? Hehe.

We first ordered Fresh Apple and Mango juices (RM6.90 and RM7.90 respectively) after turning down the offer for sparkling juice at RM40.00. We thought we could buy that at the supermarket at RM15 or something.

Drinks arrived first as always.

Then the food was served in phases after about 15 minutes. I was able to escape for a short while to pray Maghrib next door. Surprisingly, there was a prayer place on second floor right beside the restaurant.

Seafood Chowder Manhattan at RM11.90

Corn on a Cob at RM4.90

Salmon & Fillet Steak at RM35.90

Mixed grill at RM38.90

Wild mushroom sauce (RM6.90) came later. It was thicker than expected.

Appropriate – toothpicks were served at the end.

In the end, I think the dinner was great. I had a really great time with my wife enjoying tasty cuisine. It was definitely much better than Cozy Corner at relatively the same price level.

On the way home, we bought sparkling grape juice for RM6.90 at Alamanda. There was only 1 bottle left. That’s how thirsty Putrajayans were for sparkling juice.