Today was my first day of following the‘s guide. I have so far exceeded my ideal weight by 4 kilos. My first target is to cut back 2 in the next few weeks – slower and steady progress normally gives the longer lasting effects. Hehe. (Excuse for not working too hard on this). My wife is just the right diet commando for this. But it’s quite exhausting to count all of the calories actually. I wish that’s done automatically, like sticking iPhone‘s sensor to my stomach and let it calculates and syncs to iCalories that automatically download free songs from iTunes if I meet my calorie target, for instance.

At noon, I was at the company’s gym. While jogging on the treadmill, one of the senior advisors who regularly works out noticed me and my wife’s presence at the office and joked, “Zidni, you’re recovering. Don’t go too hard, what if you collapse... “. I joked back,”That’s OK. I have the right doctor just outside the gym who will definitely help me in such situation. Heheh.” The advisor then chuckled in acknowledgement.

Much later in the day, Sue hitched our ride to Albi’s place in Putrajaya. Precinct number 8 is huge! The houses there are enormous too. Plenty of wealth. And that’s only Precinct number 8. I haven’t seen the other precincts and enclaves yet…