Wedding reception at Dewan Gemalasari, RISDA headquarter

Saturday was a little bit more hectic than usual. First, I sent the Nissan for service. My regular mechanic was not at his workshop so I went to another workshop instead. Everything seemed normal and I thought it was just going to be a half hour wait until completion. But the final supervisory check from the boss himself, the move of which I applauded, revealed the leaking top cover of the radiator.

I decided to replace that there and then. The radiator was important enough that cooling couldn’t wait another week or two.

I realized that it’s not only radiator leaked. My pocket leaked RMXXX too. T_T


Later in the afternoon, we went to Dr. Abdullah’s son’s wedding ceremony in Dewan Gemalasari, Risda headquarter, Jalan Ampang. I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Afiefah & Munief wanted to come along.

Found ourselves a table! It was close to 4PM. We could easily get one.

Good food!

Here in Dewan Gemalasari.

The host.

Couldn’t get enough.

Hmm… slurpy.


Azimat boys.



After that, we stopped by Tesco Ampang to shop for a little while. I was especially attracted to big screen TVs but my pocket was just not wide enough.

14 thoughts on “Wedding reception at Dewan Gemalasari, RISDA headquarter

      • love the family photos! very vibrant :)
        and… banyaknya kuih korang makan, setambun kulit dia hehe… nasib baik dah pukul 4.. kalau tak, orang lepas korang dah tak dpt hehe…

        • uncle abdullah sure dun mind kitorg mkn kuih byk2 tu, kakngah :p lg bagos rasenye sbb bole clearkan stok yg ade. banyak lagi kt meja kuih. memanglah sgt kuih pelita frenzy! ekekeke.

          btw, niza ade 1 bj krg yg lbh kurang bj krg kakchik >_< kahhhh.

    • seebee: easily rm10, maybe more. hehe

      Aliya: it was delicious!!!

      kakngah: that’s how we pulled it off, hehe, kononnya tolong habiskan

      Niza: memang sodap! i’m sure tuan rumah tak kisah, nak bagi tetamu makan, kan. baju kurung… color/corak lebih kurang sama kah?

      msh: uber! mana la nak cari lagi.

  1. Hii all,

    Can u guy help me, sy nk sewa dewn gemala sari risda ni , bp ye die charge? dgn sape sy nk kontact? ade sedia catering skali ke? facilities how?

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