Since Bukit Jelutong was nearby, my wife & I decided to stay at Kuala Selangor for a while. I sent her in the morning and reverted back to Bukit Jelutong.

Training resumed as normal. We went through heavy Q&A session first since we had too many questions on behind-the-scene philosophy yesterday.

Apparently the other attendees had decided to eat non-halal today so my lunch was with the host at JM Bariani restaurant. The Bariani rice tasted great although a bit small in portion.


Much later in the day, Ibu, wife & I were in Tesco hypermarket for about an hour. I couldn’t help but noticed that these fruits needed the location to market themselves.

Sarawak pineapple.

Thai longan.

Vietnam dragon fruits.

My only question now is – how do regular pineapple, longan, and dragon fruits taste differently then?