I invited mom and dad to see the real estate option. Intan & I ended up verifying its authenticity at the district office. Lo and behold, it is indeed a piece of land that our descendants can hold forever. Great outcome!

I think I want to write how to verify land ownership status. I went through a great deal of details in learning the nomenclature.

We traveled back to KS afterwards. The road was horribly jam packed, we had to stop by Sungai Buloh’s restoran jejantas (passover restaurant). There was also a 45-minute crawl at the Kuala Selangor road where a market had been setup, blocking the main road to just one lane in each direction, beside a huge temple. We started at 7 and reached KS by 11.

This was my second attempt at taking long exposure, small aperture photo. Quite decent since I wasn’t using any tripod whatsoever. I was holding the camera with bare hands, keeping the view from the passover to the road steady for a few seconds.

Removed the road lamps for a slightly more dramatic result. Maybe not dramatic at all actually.