I am taking a 1-day leave just to run errands. The first one was to gauge our loan options in banks nearby. We stopped by Maybank Islamic, RHB Islamic, CIMB, CIMB Islamic, and Muamalat. RHB impressed us the most in terms of service but so far CIMB has the upper hand in the actual offering.

MOA. MRTA. Cap. None free moving cost.

Those are just some of the terms that we have to learn quickly. Every banker seemed to have a different jargons so I had to perform “terms recognition” to understand what they were actually referring to on paper.

Then we headed towards Pertama Complex for SB-600 and Baju Batiks. For whatever reason, the price of SB-600 has shot up from 700 to 800. Even the medium entry level DSLR D60 appreciates. Ihsan told me that D60 is now selling for slightly more than RM2000. It was only RM1,850 when I bought mine.

I tried Pertama food court Nasi Ayam Penyet for lunch. Intan had nasi campur.

Good choices of Baju Batik with discounts in Globe Silk Store… or now Sarah Hughes’ Store. Thanks for the Baju Batiks, honey!

After that, we returned to Bangi, applied banker’s check for the land’s deposit and updated our Tabung Haji transaction books. Whole day burned. But it was very fruitful.

I am now a proud owner of a Nikon SB-600 speedlight. Here is a picture taken by the 1st generation iPhone – you can tell from its quality.

Testing the strobe mechanism. “CB, over exposure. Let’s shoot the light upward.”