In the morning, Ibu & I went and bought 10kgs of santan at Penambang. Is 4.50/kg a good price? It sounds like it is. 2 hours prior to the main event, I went out and purchased packs of ice while preparing to photograph at the same time. Behold… hehe.

The overall engagement ceremony went well. I was the unofficial photographer. Not that I am any good, but I love producing beautiful snapshots. Hm I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Disclaimer: amateur photographer at work.

7 gifts.

2 canopies.

2 auxiliary chefs.

The host feasted first, while awaiting the future groom & family.


1 spokesman each. Ayah: So which Intan are you interested in? There’s more than 1 in this home

Norsafinah? OK2, accept.

Sure, one year or less from now.

May this goes on well, Amiin.

1 future bride.