I am taking a 1-day off to accompany Intan attending the SPA‘s interview (SPA = Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) in Building 6-7, Block C, Putrajaya.

It was a 3-hour wait. Fortunately the interview went quite well. I knew my wife could handle the questions. It’s not like house-officers-to-be could fail the interview but at least we gave good impression, in case appeal is required to help with the placement. Ayu, Fikri, and Anayasmin were there too. Besides the occasional reading and chatting, I was mostly accompanying my wife awaiting her turn. She knew she has my full support.

After a quick lunch at Rasamas Putrajaya, we headed towards Bintang’s England Optical to survey for a new pair of glasses. Somehow my glasses broke prior to the offshore trip last week. In between completing the purchase, I attended the signing of land purchase at the district office, with the presence of district officer, the original land owner and the conveyancing lawyer. That went quite well too.

Once that’s cleared, we headed home before picking up important parcel at Pos Bangi (well known for laggardness) and returned to the optician for an eye test. I am going to get Nikon lens. Fuuuh! Nice!

They don’t have Nikon frames so I am only getting the lens, which is already good enough for me.