The 1st wave of furniture arrived. It was in a bit of a rush because we were scheduled for a buffet lunch immediately after.

Finally, the time came for the entire family to be at the Equatorial hotel, Bangi for a buffet. It’s on KNgah. She was recently promoted so she’d like to give us a treat.

Beautiful weather. Sun was shining hot.

Before the meal.

So how should we be seated? Free flow?

Achik and Cik Ya.

Fiefah liked her soup.

Muzani and Niza was in control. Muzani… sometimes not. Heheh.

Adik was too full. Unhooked the pants.

Hmm… slurpy!

Munief: why so seriousssahh!

All 19 of us! Except me holding the camera.

Makang budok!!! Ahaha.

I couldn’t control myself. The chocolate fondue…

Yours truly and wife Intan.

Fiefah enjoying her dessert.

Abg Long, KakLong and Siti Alimah.

After meal.

Family gathering – Equatorial Hotel, Bangi. February 20th, 2010.

Much later, we had the 2nd wave of furniture from another store. Everybody decided to be there with us. Yeah. New place.

At night, we all watched Sahara, a movie with no sense of realism whatsoever. The hero didn’t even get a scratch. The ratio of bullets-to-hit is way bigger than even Rambo.