Finally, it was time for the grand family getaway. Everyone’s just so glad to be able to make it. We’ve planned it for about a few months now. One time, we almost had to cancel upon discovering a clash in Alya’s calendar but we managed to jump over the obstacle. Thanks, Alya! Let us know how we could do our part.

We’re so very ready to go, Ayoh Cik!

The first group, KLong, KNgah, Ashbi & myself + co. stopped by Kak Nor’s in Gambang on the way to Kijal. The weather was blazing hot. I was so exhausted… all the drivers took naps in between our breaks there.

And then we proceeded straight to Kijal. Muzaniza, mom, Alya, CB and Adik who departed a bit later, joined us in Kijal.

The rooms and beds were cozy!

The first day was just settling in, finding out what the apartment could offer. The bathrooms were not great, but decent. The kitchens were better. We stayed at two apartments with 6 rooms in total. Muzaniza, Intan & I, KakLong and co. stayed in the apartment on the left. Mom, dad, KNgah & co, Alya and Adik stayed in the one on the right. The boys simply slept in the spacious living halls.

Ini katil kita!

The kids were loving it.

In the evening, some went to the beach for sand castle building competition. I was too exhausted, I just rested in the room. That’s when I realized I’m no longer as energetic as I once was.

Playing in the sands of time.

After dinner, we played this game called Charade. Boy it was fun, fun, fun! Kudos to the activity committee. It was much more fun because everybody tried it. The only downside was, it wasn’t easy to open up the piece of paper that held the movie or the subject for guess. Other than that, we had a great time.

Jeng Jeng. “Spiderman!”