After Nasi lemak breakfast, it was all about fun, fun, fun! We had plenty of games on the beach. Kudos to AJK aktiviti (activities committee)!

Time to go.

Yeah, unlimited sand.

Arifah & Aidah were on it before anybody else started anything.

I was such a beginner. Not executive enough. Haha.

A photo session before going into sweat mode.

Carrying balloon in between knees in reverse. That’d be painful to me and my knees. Hehe.

The beach, shore line and sky were gorgeous!

Orange-peeling competition: within 2 minutes, whoever peels the cleanest and smoothest orange wins!


We played two more games without any pictures since I was operating the camcorder at the time, the first being rubber band transfer using straw and salt water transfer from a glass in one end to another.

Thanks to Muzani for renting this – ATV or I’d call it a Warthog. Only two people allowed… ah… too bad.

Bawak lari awek :p

Later in the afternoon, we went into water actions at the pool. I liked the setup since the 1.5m depth was about right for me. The water activity was awesome. I worked out without stressing my knees by means of buoyancy. There was no picture taken because I was too lazy to bring my camera to the pool. Hahah.

After that, we tried out the double-bikes. The funniest moment was when mom actually jumped off the bike out of fear of losing control, whereas she didn’t actually have to maneuver in the first place. Mom, dad, and everybody else cracked up with laughter.

Finally, normed and rode the bikes together. 😀

Intan & I gave it a shot too. Thanks to Muzani again who rented out the dynamic duo bicycle.

Dinner was awesome chicken barbecue! Kudos to AJK Makanan (food committee) and AJK Barbecue (bbq committee).

Fire out of control?

Very much in control. Chief chef Abg Long.

Ngap. The Ramly nuggets were awesome. Good pick.

And then we listened to CPR talk by Dr Sari Intan.

Our visual aid was a slideshow presentation.

Remember… DRABC. Check for Danger… Response… Airway… Breathing… Circulation…