Final day! Uuh.. wonderful times passed by too quickly.

Appreciating time, Intan & I were at the beach to watch the sunrise. At this time, the sun was still covered by the tall clouds.

Finally the clouds cleared a bit. This was my best snapshot that morning. Subhanallah.

We were at the pool again in the morning. That was before we held the closing ceremony.

Arifah enjoys swimming!

I am actually not much of a swimmer, but I am working on building the endurance. During the Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), the instructor went: “Regardless of your ability to swim, how long are you going to be able to stay afloat? 2 hour? 6 hours? [Quiet]. Now that’s why you wear a life jacket.”

It felt like I could swim a little better than usual – my fat to body mass ratio has gone up? Ooops…

Arifah is not afraid to swim in deep water.

Look Munief, Cik Ya tries to swim… okay