After saying goodbyes, we departed. Muzaniza, mom, Alya, and the little brothers traveled back to Bangi whereas KLong&co, KNgah&co, myself&co, CB and Ayoh headed towards Terengganu.

So long, we’ll meet again soon.

We stopped by Paka for lunch.

Apparently this Paka Nasi Kukus is famous.

Ayoh traveled straight to his office while the rest traveled separately to K Terengganu. We stopped by Rusila to visit Farhana, KNgah’s best friend’s in Marang.

Rusila by the sea. The breeze and the fishing opportunities were awesome but the metal would surely corrode quicker.

You just need the right tool and the right moment. The sea is already nearby.

AbgNgah and AbgLong were watching the video clip of an elephant swimming, captured by Ustaz Khalil during his trip to Lake Kenyir.

Intan & I were not prepared to stay longer. Not only that we didn’t know the visit was going to be until dinner, we were both in quite a mess actually. Refreshing there and then would be too much of a trouble to the host. We left a bit earlier towards Tuk’s. Nevertheless, it’s good to see Farhana and Ustaz Khalil doing very well. Good on them.

As we reached Tuk’s, Teh Muni & Pak Awang were already there. Tuk greeted in happiness and she seemed healthy.

I hit the sack early. Exhausted.