Here was the order of our visit:
1 Cik Lela in the morning – with newborn!
2 Cik in the afternoon
3 Cik De Hah late afternoon
4 Teh Ani by dinner

At first, we stopped by Batu Enam for souvenirs and ingredients for lunch.

Confectionaries and cookies of all sorts! What is kuih muih in English ah?

Of course, anok So-Mat la tu…

So, we’re here. Cozy. Nice place.

Batricia! (Tuk: oh, hard one to pronounce)

We checked out Cik Ngoh’s house under construction.

So, how is the staircase design, OK?

A new type of fuse box… now commonly used.

After lunch, we were in Petai Bubus to visit Cik.

Cik has expanded the front porch.

Ouh, kerintingnya rambut diaa….

Cik De Hah’s was also undergoing some expansion.

K.Long joined us a bit later, departing from the nearby Seberang Takir.

Arifah was ready to try anything.

As the sun set, we were at Teh’s.

Alimah held by her grand aunt.

It was my first time there so I checked out some of the house’s features. Ayoh De was also very willing to show us around.

The panic room – in case special care is needed, there is a room with bathroom facilities under the floor.

The front porch.

So this was the greenish room that KNgah & I missed out last Eid.