It was time to travel back. Two days flew by quickly. We departed from Tuk’s in the morning.

Fiefah and Munief with their great grand mother. They called her “Nyang”, short for “moyang”.

We visited Seberang Takir by Kak Long and Abg Long’s invitation. The place was huge. It’s essentialy the tallest building in Seberang Takir. If you happen to be around Seberang Takir in the future, you can easily spot this building.

The Tower of Seberang Takir.

View from the top floor, facing the front delta.

Nasi dagang? Biasa makaan…

In the midst of everything, Intan & I decided to go to Pasar Kedai Payang via Penambang instead of the normal route of bridge-then-parking lot. Abg Long, Arifah, and Aida tagged along since he promised them that he’d take them around. Before that, Intan, Munief, Arifah & I made a quick trip to Gerai Keropok Tuk Beng and ordered 50 sticks.

The first strategy was to be quiet about the trip. That’s because we didn’t want to upset Munief or Fiefah who would surely wanted to come along.

All aboard…!

Where are we going, Ummi Chik?”

Jalan jalan la! We were looking for the special fabrics for the highly anticipated year-end event.

Trishaw ride.

Yeah, that was awesome! Now let’s go home.

On moto penambang.

Beautiful sight. Awesome breeze.

So that was it. Officially, that sort of ended my break for the first quarter. After wishing each other goodbyes, we picked up Keropok Tuk Beng “fish sticks” and headed home.

The journey was smooth, via Jabor route. Although we departed much later, we almost caught KNgah at Genting Sempah. She saw us coming in as she left the R&R.

Since our fridge and washer took so long to deliver, we actually diverted a bit to Jusco Home center in Equine Park to check out their prices.