Beleaguered Proton. The first problem with Proton is the logo. Look at this:

If a kid was drawing one, he or she would most likely draw a Thundercat logo instead! …..  Wait… the logo does resemble the Thundercat theme a bit!

Back to my point… compare the Proton logo to the following:

Now which one is easier to draw? Easier to spot? Logo is supposed to be a simple mechanism. Minimalist. Not a compact version of a long mantra.

The second is product classification. Proton has not proved to be consistent, in my opinion.  Consider the following product line by Proton:

Saga. Iswara. Wira. Putra. Satria. Savvy, Gen-2. Persona. Now back to Saga. (not to mention, Juara, Tiara, Arena, etc.)

Now compare that to other manufacturers:

Mercedes: C-class, E-class, S-class, etc.
Toyota: Corolla, Camry
Honda: Civic, Accord

Just create 2 or 3 product lines and refine them again and again. What is the name of your product for compact car? Sedan? Executive? Don’t be iterating around all names that you can try. Example:

Proton compact: Satria (which one do you want – Tiara? Savvy? Pick one!)
Proton sedan: Wira (or Saga? Iswara? Gen-2? Persona? Make up your mind…)
Proton executive: Perdana (I have to admit, Proton does a good job in sticking to this name)

Do you have any suggestions for Proton?