After cleaning up the house a bit, we dropped by home to say good bye to mom, dad and my little brothers who were about to travel to KT.

After that, Ibu, KNgah, wife and I headed straight to Bandar Sri Damansara for an appointment with a wedding planner. Apparently KNgah is already surveying for the best package out there.

And then we roamed around IKEA, had dinner at Teh tarik place and shopped at Tesco.


The trip to IKEA really made me think about getting a nice, cozy place as a home. But really, it looked nice and cozy in IKEA because it was clean, color coordinated, and less crowded with stuff (less is more).

Fine… cleanliness is already fundamentals, and color coordination may require some imagination, but reducing your stuff is always the hardest ones to do – so where do those items go then? Donation? Junkyard? What if you need them one day? Wish Malaysia has some sort of garage sale culture going on. That’s an awesome way to rid some stuff and make quick bucks at the same time.

This vendor provided water supply connector never really mounts to the type of tap that we have.

So we had to modify the heads – nothing beats the good old rubber hose and its tightener ring.