We had an operation unit meeting the whole day. The middle leads had produced something totally different from what the overall lead had in mind. We fell to the fallacy of groupthink & aggression. All the others either didn’t have the guts to voice it out or comfortable enough to follow along.

I voiced it out one time, “Excuse me, but I think we should pick from the list on the screen there rather than just coming up with our own difficulties,” only to be replied, “Please, one discussion at a time. Let’s focus on the issues here.”

And in the end, true enough, the overall lead was confused as to how we did not meet one of the objectives of the meeting. We were indeed supposed to pick from the list. Towards the end, I wanted to say “I told you so”, but I kept quiet instead. There was no need to rub salt on the wound. There’s integrity in being silent in the right circumstance.