In the morning, we sent the Kancil for a car wash before headed to a wedding ceremony in Kelana Jaya.

Congratulations, Salami & Hanisah!

Here in SS3/51.

Erm, didn’t know Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was invited.

Anyways, thanks for having us! Congrats again!

Afterwards, we went to 1Utama for a short while. I canceled one of my telco accounts while Intan managed to shop for a book at the MPH sale. I too spotted a book and bought it. It’s written by Mohammed Yunus, the Nobel winning Grameen Bank founder.

Then we headed straight to Muzaniza’s for a small feast. Thanks Muzani & Niza for having us! Afterwards, I dropped by mom’s to give them the transformers DVD, and returned with my huge receiver speakers. After that I spent about an hour hooking them up.

At the LG booth, I thought I won an LG notebook.

It turned out to be the other notebook.