I decided to attend the startup session of a young professional circle during the later part of the day at a restaurant in the PNB-Darby Park building.

I could easily summarize this – even after a year of establishment – nobody really has the right idea of what the circle should be about. Nobody. And I meant that in a big way, not just something small. I was quiet, initially. But just as I was about to volunteer, spoke upfront about where we should really venture into, time was up.

I wasn’t trying to mislead anybody. Come on. I will expire in 2 months: I really have nothing to lose if the circle is circling around without being effective. But I do feel the need to share and help the fresh grads to spring up quickly.

Road was closed due to the F1 stuff. Urgh. That caused at least an hour’s traffic jam just to get out of the city.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Formula1 sport. My point was – regardless of the events, Malaysia normally exudes excessive exuberance beyond what is necessary. (Wow, did I just write 3 consecutive words that start with ex, and that was a little oxymoronic, since excessive already means beyond what is necessary). Organizers forget – in this case, the cost actually outweighs the benefits.