After the systems FAT, I dashed over to Lee Auto to get balancing and alignment for the Nissan tires. I was shocked to discover that the front tires were so exhausted, even the tire thread was showing! I reluctantly agreed to a new set of tires (not because of safety but because of budget), which turned out to be my dream tires Michelins! But that costed me about MYR500. T_T

Would you look at that. No wonder the wheel vibrated a lot.

The last tire work was in October 2007. Do tires last 2.5 years?

I’ve heard a lot of good stories about Michelin tires. Now is the time to prove ’em.

While we’re on this topic, let’s have a look at the car a little bit. I deliberately keep running statistics of my Nissan Sentra:

As of today, I’ve been driving the car at an average of 67.115 km/day, costing the average upkeep (including insurance & road tax) of RM12.01/day, at the fuel efficiency of 28.479 miles per gallon.

Immediately after that, I headed towards Morib again since Intan accidentally carried my office ID and key. It was my fault, really, since I left it in the inside pocket inside the bag’s compartment. Maybe that’s a bless in disguise because I could sit down and have dinner with my wife on our anniversary. : )