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Posted by ControlNovice on 16 August, 2005 – 1:11 am

Stick with the AB equipment. You can actually re-use some of the
configuration whereas with DeltaV you will have to start from scratch.

We were forced to go with DeltaV at our plant. Pretty much Emerson
management took our management (no engineering) to play golf and after that
outing we were told that we will be upgrading to DeltaV AND Foundation

It cost much, much more than if we just upgrading the exising AB equipment
and maintenance is a huge problem on the FF equipment.

DeltaV is a good process controller – it just is not justified in your

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I got this from thread. Emerson management took our management to lunch? Haha!

Maybe that’s how we specify and perform technical & engineering evaluation these days – on golf course.