I decided to take the day off since 0.5 leave on Friday is bigger in the record than actual. Furthermore, I don’t exactly live nearby the office and the journey to office is up north, totally the opposite of my definite destination for today – South.

I had spent last night at mom’s. Didn’t expect Intan’s call that early; apparently they finished the tests earlier than scheduled. I drove there immediately after the call.

Hey, the beach is nearby. But there’s plenty of barriers, fences and walls to get there from here.

Decent place I’d say.

There is a pool for kids. Nice safety feature – the pool is not connected to the adults pools, unlike Awana Kijal.

The pool splits into male and female area. How convenient!

I swam for a little while, joined my wife, Aya & Hafiz for lunch, before headed towards a nearby mosque with Hafiz for Friday prayer. The weather was blazing hot, I was literally dripping on the inside.

We left Impian Morib not long after I returned from Friday prayer. On the way back, we captured this:

The police station was huge! The tower there better shoot some laser ray to the bad guy’s dungeon and the middle bulk there should transform into Enforcetron in the case of emergency.

Fire spread! The issue wasn’t the old and abandoned post office on fire – but the prevention of fire from spreading elsewhere. Unless somebody went, “Yeah, we actually wanted to preserve the historic land site of the oldest post office in the Kuala Langat area…”

Zakaria Daros’ like castle. 3 storeys with a pool! With the kind of money I have right now, I can only afford to build the guard house, hehe.