I’ve been meaning to write a series of important and tough pointers from several books mainly the Influencer book and Inside Steve’s Brain. It took me quite a while before I could actually finish reading them. And as you could already guess, it took me even longer to digest the latter.

I’ll call the series, “the Intermittent Reminders“.

From the Influencer book:
For an individual to be influential or at least be seen as influential;
1) One has to be respected – he or she has the right knowledge and expertise in certain topics, is plugged in with the latest issues at hand
2) One has to stay connected – rubs shoulders with everyone, talks openly, informally chats with subordinates

So at work, the best predictor between productivity is how frequent a boss has dialogues with his/her subordinates. It’s true in parenting – the parents need to spend enough time with the kids. And a specialist that spends enough time guiding interns, houseman officers and junior doctors.