Haywire. First, I was late in sending my wife to the Health office over in KL. I just missed a turn and everything went a little cuckoo. I managed to recover a bit but it didn’t help much. I have to thank Ayah who was there for his daughter.


So my wife is reporting for duty already. Awh. 3 months passed by so quickly. I am happy with the kind of work-life balance I’ve been enjoying. Now it’s time to let that feeling go. T_T


At the same time, the operators had waited for me at the Honeywell office, expecting me to be there to initiate the systems testing. Does it still take me to be there and go, “yeah, let’s start, guys.” Don’t get me wrong, the OEM was doing their thing, the operators were already kind enough to show up – so why was there a need to hold hands, still? I immediately traveled to the Honeywell office and straightened things out. I really hope that one day, these things wouldn’t depend on me and me alone.

And some engineers in the office were waiting and expecting my solution, who earlier already brought it up to the highest level in the production unit in order to pressure me for commitment. I had to handle that remotely with a help of my buddy in the office.

I don’t mind doing all the above, but I really can’t be at all 3 places at the same time!