Prior to Friday prayer, there was a session of tazkirah (invitational, the speaker was definitely not local)

Brothers of Islam… build your achievement in steps:

1) Read the Qur’an! And then…
2) Learn and understand the Qur’an! And then…
3) Practice into your deeds, perfect your ibadah… and then…
4) Everything’s built in right into your action,  thusconvey and teach to others (Imam, scholars)

Is it anything similar to this?
unconsciously incompetent – you don’t know what you don’t know
consciously incompetent – you know what you don’t know
consciously competent – you know what you know
unconsciously competent – everything’s built in right into your action, you don’t even noticed it, guide others

And then, Sheikh Muhammad Saad Nomani Madani was around. He is Imam Abu Hanifa’s 25th generation, well known for his capability to recite the style of about 85 famous qaris and imams across the globe. (See Sheikh in action)

Super impressive. He gave it a shot and it felt like you’re traveling across all the mosques there. He also called out the first Azan. Subhanallah, it felt like I was there in Masjidil Haram.

Much later, I found out that our neighbor had just been assaulted by 5 robbers yesterday. It came out in the newspaper. Read it here. Ya Allah, protect us from such calamity. Amin.