CB, Ashbi, and I went to Pikom’s PC Fair in the afternoon. It was very crowded but we slipped into the streams of people anyway.

The worst salesman went to the Phillips corner. We hesitated about the Blu-ray player since we were wondering about the price of a Blu-ray disc when he said this out loud: “That’s fine if you don’t wanna buy. Go there and look at TVs” in broken Bahasa.

The best salesman went to a guy at the Samsung’s TV booth. He was so open to negotiation and very convincing in offering me the best deal. I almost considered a 40-inch LED TV at MYR5,299 (RRP: MYR8,999). Of course I didn’t make the purchase because there’s no immediate need for it and I don’t actually have much money.

I’m not kidding. Here’s a snapshot from Senheng’s:

Samsung’s SAM-UA40B7000: the 7-series looked way better than the 5-series. Oh, I’m not talking BMW’s.