Still didn’t feel comfortable. I decided to travel back to KL instead. Kerteh and Kuantan flights were all full. Kuala Terengganu was all that’s left.

I slept in the cab throughout my journey to KT. The dull pain was still there. My mind was preparing itself to settle for 9pm flight but somehow MAS managed to give me a 4.15pm seat after I registered for standby as soon as the counter opened. Interesting observation; I witnessed grown ass men (excuse the term) without any shame, remorse or regret, cutting in front of the line, shoving their 9.15 tickets to the folks at the counter, in attempts to get on the 4.15pm flight. That was a little barbaric if I were to describe it harshly. Desperate is maybe the better word.

As soon as I reached home, I headed out to the clinic again. And guess what – the doctor prescribed more painkillers. And I have to wait another day or two to see whether it’s something serious.


Dinner last night. I miss my sweetheart…