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Is Honda Civic in Australia cheaper than a Kelisa in Malaysia? (I am assuming this is without forex involved (localization), meaning one-to-one ratio such that what a dollar earn or a ringgit earn is to be spent on what a dollar or a ringgit can locally get respectively, rather than the relative exchange).

Hi-spec 2.0-liter sport Civic like this in Australia is selling at recommended price of : AUD$38,350

In the mean time, hi-spec 1.3-liter EZi MyVi (since new Kelisa is no longer for sale) is selling for RM49,200

Is this comparison fair? Are you happy with the vehicles that you purchase in Malaysia? Why… why the tax?!!!

We don’t even get the returns: no more subsidies for petrols, (they’ve even been downgraded from RON97 to 95)… transportation system still needs plenty of improvement, the road conditions are stuck at the same old standard…