I took almost the whole day off so in a way, I had to skip the office completely. Early in the morning, I dropped by mom’s of course. Finally decided on borrowing the 190 TAE, I returned home to pick up Ibu and back to mom’s again.

After a while, I excused myself and headed over to the workshop. Took me until slightly over noon to go over the details with the workshop manager. I was exploring the options of modification, discussing on the concerns that I carried from the last repair and so on. The manager seemed very knowledgeable of the workshop’s capabilities and highly concerned about the workshop’s standards too. So that was a good sign.

Returning home, I had lunch together with everybody and it’s slightly over 2.30pm by the time it was over. If I sent Ibu back and headed back to work, the actual productive time would be from 4 to 5, which was definitely not worth the journey, hence my decision to skip the office completely. After all, I am on emergency leave.