I actually visited the workshop to see how my car was doing.

Not bad. Finally the front headlights are functionally restored.

On the way back, I visited the crash site with my camera.

The drain stops here. Blocked with dirts. No open drain for the next 50m on the bridge.

Scratched dividers evidently suggesting previous crashes. My grill was nowhere to be found. They must’ve cleaned up the site recently. Before my offshore trip, I could see my grill lying in between the road and the divider.

So if I am to conduct a rootcause failure analysis,

The causal factors are:
1 Rain volumes: medium to high
2 Bridge condition, bend at easily 45 degrees angle entrance
3 Open drain short and possibly blocked. Water spots could easily form depending on how flat the road is.
4 Speed limit of 60 is fine on the bridge itself but entry speed could’ve been lower. The traffic safety department should have a formula for this.
5 Tire conditions: brand new front tires but 2 to 3 year old rear tires, thread thickness is slightly more than half of the original. Not bad but not in the best shape either especially in extraordinary situation.
6 Driving behavior: cruising along at speed limit, not lowering down by 10 or conservatively 20.

Suggested improvements:
1 Rainy days: None. Outside human control. Can’t prevent people from driving during rain either. By cost-benefit analysis, consider installing a roof over the bridge.
2 Bridge condition: straightens the bend a little. Possible with more clearance from the right side (KTM parkings might give way a little) and left side (shops that are more or less relocate-able). Justify for lower center road (banked curves) for centripetal force to work in our favor. Indy 500 inner ring is lower than the outer ring for this reason.

3 Stretch the open drain a little further up. Flattens the road more to reduce likelihood of water spots.
4 Revise speed limit downward.
5 Inspect tire conditions regularly. Change tires earlier than 75% thread thickness loss.
6 Change driving behavior on rainy days: reduce speed by at least 10km/hour anyway.