I have been analyzing some street magic moves. I guess this is the first one that I write about. There are actually more preparation required than what the name suggests: “Street” magic of “Live” magic. The name itself is already tricking you.

It could be easily done if there’s a helper behind the board. The best effect was listening to the Japanese going “yiii! yiii! ” :p You know, that would’ve been a different sound effect in a different culture.

So Cyril came up with so-called hamburger trick. He’d approach the menu board of a burger restaurant, put his hand above a picture of a hamburger that he wanted, and pull out a real hamburger.

Here’s an answer for it but without much explanation. It’s pretty obvious even without any narration.

The menu board opens to the back.

And to answer his critique, he improved the burger trick with supposedly a suspended wall and just a thin layer of menu taped to the wall in front of a live audience. If the wall is thick enough, there is still a way for a small helper to fit in there and hand over the hamburger. Or somebody could just slip to the back of the wall just during that particular burger hand over.

Notice this small piece of paper stuck on the hamburger picture that was chosen. Look closely around 1:40 and 1:41.

And then he went on to show the audience how authentic the burger was – everybody was focusing on the burger. The real trick was to distract people’s attention away from the small piece of paper on the wall, until the other helpers successfully hid away the wall.

Magic or trick is all about misdirection and showmanship. Don’t fall for it. (Call me no fun but be careful with what you see and what you’re led into believing).