I’ve seen the bathtub curves many times before but during the functional safety course recently, I began noticing the similarity of a hardware cycle (with operating software) and the Great Circle of Life.

I added the age in blue fonts.

20: During the early years, you make many mistakes. Plenty of failures. Some your own, some you learned from others.

40: As you age and mature, you minimize those mistakes. No more self made issues. Now some of the failures & hardship are purely tests from the Almighty, something you do not have control over. People say life starts at 40. Yeah – the life in which you benefit others more than yourself.

60: Towards the end, different kind of failures kick in. You’re not as strong and energetic as before and you spend more time guiding and helping the newer generation in the early years, where many mistakes are made, just like what you’ve gone through then. You notice that the newer generation is different but you adapt and guide them anyway so you can instill the wisdom and leave them as a better generation than yourself.

But death is a show-stopper at any point of time (t) in the above curve. So, let’s not wait through the whole curve, so give out your best at the present time.