First I will try out as an Apple Ambassador here in Malaysia. I will be the official spokesperson for Apple, the first one that qualified without a former celebrity status.

First step would be to take a course in mental physics: reality distortion field, Steve Jobs way.

If that doesn’t bite, maybe I will switch to the comedy line. Do standup comedy or improvisation or something. I’ll seriously make people laugh or at least chuckle several times.

“You don’t wanna laugh at that? I’ll laugh at it myself. Wahaha…”

If that doesn’t crack much, then I will consider brushing up my PR (public relations) skills. Now you will take me seriously. Ahahah.

I have an announcement to make. Today, we have a new podium. Thank you.

If that doesn’t resonate, then I might try out snowboarding again. It’s a huge challenge now with reconstructed knee… but I remember that snowboarding was fun, fun, fun!

Cool! And cooold!

If that doesn’t slide, then I will try rally and race on four tires instead. Isn’t rally the safest of all forms of racing?

Don’t give me a Proton or Firestone tires – I will surely finish dead last.

And finally… if that doesn’t glide, then I will try out business, politics, or some sort of lobbying. (Yeah, right.)

“So, Dato’, project hasn’t finish but money can come in first ah?”

So what sort of jobs that you have in mind besides the one you have right now? Have you ever imagined yourself doing something else?