Traveled to Terengganu yesterday, departing a bit later than Muzani & co. While waiting for Intan to finish her duty, KakLong, Ashbi, Aidah, Alimah and I hung out at Alamanda for a while. We filled up the time with buying present for the wedding and supplies for the trip, including 2 packs of sugar. (Hard to get sugar these days!!)

We were in Terengganu mainly due the wedding of our cousin, Syamrim. There’s no way we could skip it because he was my driver to KS on our wedding day (bride side ceremony) and our driver from Bandar Sri Putra to Sg. Merab (groom side) the next day.

Arrival of VIC (very important couple). Hahah!

Ayoh De sharing a joke with the host, Pok.

CP and his daughter. She’s a big girl already!

The host, Pok, welcoming guests.

The King & Queen of Petai Bubus. (I can further improve this picture with Photoshop, isn’t it)

Good sign – the bride & groom seemed to be very well synchronized.

Pengantin lama (not too long ago laa, hehe) shared a moment with pengantin baru.

I overheated. My forehead is literally pouring sweat, I had to hold tissue at all time to hold it off.

I think the event went pretty well. Except for the parts when my flash couldn’t work inside the house and sweat was pouring over face that I couldn’t open my eyes. It’s been a while since the last time I lost temperature control like that.

Anyway, congratulations, you two!

Moga bahagia selalu!