Notice sometimes there are membership cards that offer you multiple reward points and cash backs for spending? Well, I can’t help but think of something similar…

Allah offers these rewards:
1x niat (intention to do good, even if you didn’t actually accomplish it)
10x recite the Qur’an by the letter (Alif Laam Miim is not 1 but 3 times 10)
27x establish jam’ah prayer
70x welcome guests, Infaq of excess money or property to please Allah
100,000x perform prayer in Masjidil Haram
Unknown rewards – fasting (ibadah sirriah, since it is a secret between makhluk (Creations – us) and Khaliq (Creator – Allah))

Unknown to us, as in, nobody could verify if you fast and if you fast very well, but Allah is All-Knowing. And during Ramadhan, all the above multiply even more. So take advantage of that.

But remember, we perform these ibadahs not because of the rewards, but because we really want to do them to please the Almighty…

Let this be a reminder, to myself, at least. Wallahu’alam.