Woke up a bit late (near 7, oops!). Had a session with DeVere. And they suggested me to invest in USD $?


First of all, can somebody explain to me what is United States Dollar backed by? Is it gold? Oil? American economy? I took 3 Economics courses with flying colors and I would really like to know. But don’t tell me to ask Ben Bernanke or Alan Greenspan about it. Heheh.

The Chinese are going, “Yeah, we have plenty of those… and we’re very much secure. Look at what they’re doing to Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan… etc.

Simpler question: what brought the largest firm of independent financial advisors here to Asia in the first place? Is Asia a booming market?

But come to think about it, US Dollar IS indeed the international reserve currency, isn’t it? In fact, majority of US notes are held outside the United States, what an interesting fact that is. And yet America is the one acting like the world police. Ironic? Maybe…

* Hey, maybe that’s what’s driving them to police around the world… taking care of the assets.