At about 4am July 31 (yesterday morning), Intan & I awoke from sleep to a loud snap. She headed to the bathroom while I inspected the room. Something’s gone awry. I couldn’t find anything unusual so I sat on the side of the bed again. Instantly, I descended approximately a feet lower and therefore discovered what the loud snap was about.

This portion is exactly in the mid section of the beam.

The wooden pieces were layered in the following manner. It’s easy to see the constant downforce and the heavy coconut fiber mattress would bend the beam over time.

Physics teacher can use this material for teaching.

Slapped a solid piece of wood at the side of it and drilled in two huge and long screws. Looks not important at this point. We can cover it with bedsheets.

Fixed. Thanks to Muzani & CB.

Lesson: Don’t buy layered pieces furniture. Perform this inspection prior to your purchase. Get the solid woods.