It’s unlike any other Syawal we have celebrated before.

“Bestnya balik kampung… Ummi…”

Pok Teh and his bright nieces.

Like father like son. (Ayoh Teh & Amirul)

Dad and his grand child #5 Alimah.

Cousinship. Cousinhood? Of Paya Datu.

Then we headed to Teh’s.

Cheery mostly but somber at times. We knew who we missed the most immediately.

“Cik Ya wants duit raya also… “

Men complain that the ladies herd around shoes and handbags. Well we do that around engines and gadgets. Only less frequent. 😛

At Cik De’s for a while in Kg. Batin. Life moves on.

It’s also the shortest Syawal I spent in Terengganu.

It might have been best Ramadhan I’ve ever delivered. For the first time I truly felt I won over the control of within.

But I have no more words to describe this Syawal. Except that… it was unlike any other Syawal that we have celebrated. And it will never be the same. Ever.