So on September 16, we had a small gathering between us former SASsians webmasters. It was right before Samme’s departure to UK on the next day. We met at KFC on 1Utama at first but it took so long to catch up, KFC was about to end its operation for the day before we could finish. So we moved to a warung in TTDI (the warung in between Esso and Mobil, I forgot its name)

Called up another member earlier, Khairulz, but he was far away in Kuantan so he couldn’t join us.

I actually publicized it on facebook but being the unpopular kids in school then (webmasters, c’mon, we were not a whole bunch of ruggers who were popular), nobody else showed up. It was very short notice anyway.

I was suffering from a severe sore throat actually – hot lemon tea glasses piled up. Hikmat runs his own business now. Awesome.

Samme was essentially my first guru of HTML. He showed me some Dreamweaver-Flash moves and I have been fascinated with computer stuff ever since.

Ihsan was the photographer of the day. He now has more camera-gadgets than me. Picture: Remembering September 9, 1999, when we won the National Science & Technology Carnival Web Competition using CS Jasmine. Good ‘ol time.