I recently completed 5 years with the company on July 1 2010. But the honorary plaque came later on September. That’s OK. My work also has a plus-minus one to two months delay with it, especially the lower priority ones. Easily 3 months and more if the expectations are not communicated clearly.

What completing five-year service means to me:

Deliverance – the 5-year compulsory service ends. I no longer owe the organization. I’m a free man.

Perseverance – times were tough due to limited options but I never lost sight of the learning & growing opportunity.

3 Clearance – it’s time to decide whether to go or stay with the current organization. Depends on how much recognition I get.

4 Profession – I may actually get to pick what I want to do and where I want to go. Nothing already prescribed by base business. Capability & desire should also matter.

5 Appropriation – devoting myself to spending more time in the right manner. Before the bond ends, I got questions like, “When you go back at 5, what do you do?” and received this call while traveling home, “I’ve tested you twice already, checking whether or not you’ll stay back after office hours…

The magazine also showed milestone years, a small token of recognition there….