Another offshore trip, this time to round up all DCS stations and standalone desktops/laptops and label them: inspected!

Near and yet so far away. The skyline was gorgeous!

But for the very first time I felt the kind of freedom that I have always longed for: delivering as if these hands are the IT hands that you depend on. I’m not making money from my original interest and my passion has grown elsewhere. But that’s OK. Learning should not stop to my interest alone.

And that’s not the end of an original dream – I am still living it day in and day out. 🙂

I have always wondered where is my place around the buzz. I’m not the programmer, nor am I the manufacturer, nor the designer. I am the power user. That’s it. A power user.

Travel back

Kuantan Airport is the hottest airport on earth. By temperature, I meant.

Airport Limo (M) Sdn Bhd seemed to be monopolizing taxi business at KLIA. Great. Long lines to get a cab. Customers waited 3 times from KLIA point alone:

1 Lining to get a cab
2 Bottleneck by JPJ inspection exiting KLIA
3 Cab lining up to fill up gas

Malaysia boleh!