Long story short, throughout September, we were working on moving to a closer place to the hospital. A place in Putrajaya.

Sep 13, I was at Anjung Kompleks E to settle the down payments for utilities. On the same day, I paid up the down payment at BPH (Bahagian Pengurusan Hartanah). By early October, Intan picked up the keys from the main office.

On October 2, I bought some paint and with the help of Abg Long painted the living room cream on October 3rd. I picked Jotun’s 566.

The color was supposed to be very slightly peachy.

As previewed by the software at the hardware shop, quite a sophisticated application that was. Peachy cream, right?

But it took a slightly different turn as they stuck to the wall. Yellowish cream instead. Why? The original white? Lighting? But it was a pleasant cream nonetheless.

An amazing feature we discovered as we were about to leave the place for the night: we could see Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Putrajaya mosque, KL tower, KLCC, and Genting from the new place… cool.

But in any case, thanks, Abg Long! K.Long & family saw the place first among many. I think it’s going to be a pretty good place to accommodate some of the harsh duties of housemanship. And it’s not too far away from home where I grew up, looking over several responsibilities at the same time.

No, I don’t have everything figured out. But I’m not going to stop trying or do nothing.