Time to unpack the long awaited flat screen LED TV. I’ve done enough scouting and analysis to find the best options and finally settled with this one. It’s going to be a great new viewing experience. Samsung UA40C6200 LED TV. Here goes….

The box is quite “portable”. Nicely designed handle on the sides.

What’s inside the box? Well, other than the flat screen and stand, the rest are (clockwise from top left): power cables, connectors and other peripherals, remote control unit, manual, and the mount.

This is what the stand looks like. I prefer the four-legged-goat-grip better than the small-square-single-foot stand.

The mount fits the back of the flat screen like this.

And that mount extends above the stand like this. So first, hook up the mount and the stand together.

Then, with the screen lying flat on the floor, screw the mount onto the back of the screen.

Voila. The TV’s first stance…


I turned it on and went through a couple of setup screens. Language and so on.

Plug & play, that’s great. You can plug in HDMI-connected HD sources or USB drives and they just work. Auto detection with minimal to zero configuration needed.

It’s not the flat look that makes the difference. Nor was the LED nor the size.

But the refresh rate of 400Hz – now that’s a game changer. It makes every movement so fluid. Bravo new technology.