This has got to be the most reliable IT-related website ever in the IT industry.

First of all, if you call yourself a PRO, you’re simply not one. Federal Express don’t call themselves Super Logistics, neither do BMW call themselves Luxury Ride.

Second of all, if you have a section that labels yourself “intelligent”, you’re… not. Business Intelligence sounds more like Business Analysis to me.

I don’t even have to comment on its content claiming that the Mac OS vulnerabilities have skyrocketed. It doesn’t show any solid proof or credible evidence with validation from a third-party or an independent institute. Claiming such vulnerabilities in order to market your software simply is a conflict of interest. That’s like your mechanic evaluating your car by judging the brand – claiming that it is not reliable – without even opening the hood, with the hope that you would utilize more maintenance options and thus spend more money into his workshop.

The VP continues on to say, “We would even say that today, the Windows operating system is more secure than Mac, simply because Microsoft has been working proactively on security for many years.

I scrolled down slightly and found this link on the same page:

And so the article talks about how Microsoft said it would fix 64 vulnerabilities in 17 security bulletins on 12 April across various Microsoft products, including all versions of Windows, conflicting with what the VP just mentioned earlier.

If you have to keep on working on security for many years, you’re simply not secure.

I rest my case.

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